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Corion    2019-08-26 08:40:16 UTC
On the upside, maybe some of the helper modules I wrote can be spun out of that thing ...
Corion    2019-08-26 08:37:23 UTC
I realize that none of my attempts/rudimentary ideas are on Github - maybe I get around to publishing some of these failed attempts, like my partial reimplementation of Jekyll, which I found just too complex
Corion    2019-08-26 08:35:05 UTC
But personally, I'm gravitating more towards static sites, as they are far less hassle, security-wise ;)
Corion    2019-08-26 08:34:28 UTC
But I think Statocles is also "just" an HTML generator, no editing front end, no user permissions etc.
Corion    2019-08-26 08:34:02 UTC
Also, that depends on what you mean by "CMS", I guess. If you mean anything multi-user based (on the input/publishing side), I'm not aware of anything. For anything "blog like", there are Statocles, and I think some others that I can't find
Corion    2019-08-26 08:31:27 UTC
Discipulus: Hmm - I'm not aware of anything - that's partially why I'm writing my own, based on Markdown.

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