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choroba    2019-07-16 09:52:04 UTC
Also, my condonlences on no Perl;
choroba    2019-07-16 09:51:40 UTC
Isn't SVG too general? I mean, you probably don't plan to support everything SVG provides.
bliako    2019-07-16 09:48:08 UTC
I want to create a simple vector graphics editor (which may evolve) and must export to vector graphics format, e.g. SVG. I can't use Perl. experimenting with Qt/C++ at the moment. Any opinions about using SVG as internal format?
hippo    2019-07-16 09:28:19 UTC
Just found some linkrot in How to make a CPAN Module Distribution but tachyon seems long gone. What's best? Consideration/reply/msg pedagogues?
Corion    2019-07-16 09:19:59 UTC
Corion takes a note.

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