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erix    2021-09-27 15:18:40 UTC
Grunberg has lived in New York for 20+ years but his English wasn't nearly as good as Feldman's (who learned it more recently)
erix    2021-09-27 15:17:38 UTC
right right :)
LanX    2021-09-27 15:16:37 UTC
yes him, the one embarrassed to look like a yeshiva boy xD
erix    2021-09-27 15:16:36 UTC
Maybe we should give believers a percentage of a vote? If you do the supernatural your vote counts just for 50% :P
LanX    2021-09-27 15:15:48 UTC
she said after fleing from her sect she had to move away because the jurisdicton and politicians in her quarter of NY depend on the sects votes
erix    2021-09-27 15:15:01 UTC
(the journalist/writer being Arnon Grunberg - see youtube)
LanX    2021-09-27 15:14:45 UTC
you shouldn't forget that those extreme sects have 10-20 children, resulting in growing political influence. This applies for all religions
erix    2021-09-27 15:14:22 UTC
yeah, that's the same that I saw. indeed interesting
erix    2021-09-27 15:13:55 UTC
Ah, she went to Berlin
LanX    2021-09-27 15:13:53 UTC
There is a long discussion from her with a prominent Dutch journalist, highly recommended
LanX    2021-09-27 15:13:08 UTC
Her German is stunning, but she grew up speaking Yiddish, in one interview she said she had problems because of her weird English.
erix    2021-09-27 15:11:45 UTC
She moved to Germany a few years back, right? /me off to google
erix    2021-09-27 15:10:46 UTC
The sect that Deborah Feldmann escaped from was a pretty absurd extreme. I was interested to see how quickly and well she learned her new languages (English and German). Fascinating story.

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