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Discipulus    2017-07-24 10:37:35 UTC
yes, like me.. or you suppose me to be an hacker? ;=)
karlgoethebier    2017-07-24 10:33:49 UTC
Discipulus: X.P. Hunter ?
prospect    2017-07-24 10:30:35 UTC
Ok :) Lunchbreak!!!!
Discipulus    2017-07-24 10:30:24 UTC
and basic question are welcome (by XP hunters;=)
marto    2017-07-24 10:28:18 UTC
don't worry about cluttering SoPW, asking questions is what it's for ;)
prospect    2017-07-24 10:27:49 UTC
Ha yes. I wrote it down as interpolation quote operator in my notes.
Discipulus    2017-07-24 10:27:31 UTC
ie: print out whatever you recaive back from func adding a newline
Discipulus    2017-07-24 10:26:50 UTC
qq() is the same of doublequotes
prospect    2017-07-24 10:26:27 UTC
Yeah that works, can you elaborate on what you have done ?
prospect    2017-07-24 10:25:37 UTC
what is "qq" again ?
Discipulus    2017-07-24 10:24:46 UTC
Discipulus    2017-07-24 10:24:34 UTC
print qq($_\n) foreach func();
prospect    2017-07-24 10:21:46 UTC
if I remove the ".\n" I get "12345" as output
prospect    2017-07-24 10:21:18 UTC
print foreach func(). "\n"; sub func { return ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ); }
prospect    2017-07-24 10:20:52 UTC
Hi, to avoid cluthering the Seekers of Perl Wisdom page. I wanted to print out the values on a new line each. So I though I put a . "\n" behind "print foreach func()" but something interesting happens and it I just get "5" as output :p
shmem    2017-07-24 10:19:07 UTC
Re^5: Understanding endianness of a number - nice! "zigamorph" will be the host name of the VM I'll set up to debug Microfocus COBOL/perl stuff :-D
marto    2017-07-24 09:54:13 UTC

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