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erix    2024-06-14 16:03:03 UTC
heh, yeah showing your age..., err, experience ;)
erix    2024-06-14 16:02:04 UTC
I'm glad that the Pg dev community is often so no-nonsense
choroba    2024-06-14 16:01:58 UTC
choroba is an old dev, apparently
erix    2024-06-14 16:00:47 UTC
that's exactly the lines along which the old devs are arguing
choroba    2024-06-14 15:59:36 UTC
Having worked in Python for 1 year, I'm still not convinced it's any better than Perl. It's easier to find developers, but who knows what the popular language will be in 2027?
erix    2024-06-14 15:58:59 UTC
I'm talking about the postgres testing harness - but you got that
erix    2024-06-14 15:56:23 UTC
(I guess somne switch might have to happen at one point but it seems premature)
erix    2024-06-14 15:55:03 UTC
Pg dev whippersnappers pushing python to replace perl TAP are bitinf the dust, I think I observe , and I'm glad

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